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** note: I am fully booked! If you’re interested in a grad shoot, let me know and I can refer you to some amazing photographers I know. **

It’s been a long journey, but you did it. Congratulations on your graduation! This special moment only happens once, and I’d like to help you celebrate. This page details information about the graduation shoots I offer. If you feel that we’re a good match, fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page. Looking forward to our session!

Model credits: Praji Prasana and Alondra Lara



A graduation shoot is $150. This covers both the shooting time and editing time (which is usually 4-5 hours by itself). I’ll accept half of it before the shoot and the other half after I deliver the photos via Google Drive. If you’d like to bring friends to be in the shoot with you, it’s +$10 per person.

The best lighting of the day begins an hour before sunset, so I usually start my shoots then. If you are unavailable during that time frame, we can meet when it’s convenient for you!

  • Session duration: 45 mins - 1.5 hrs

  • Multiple locations on campus (or off-campus; more info on next page)

  • 50+ edited photos delivered digitally within 48 hours and optimized for social media



During on-campus shoots, we’ll hit up multiple places. I can recommend classic spots (in front of Knoles Hall, the columns, etc.) but feel free to pick other places relevant to your college experience.

If you’re interested in going off-campus for a more unique shoot, such as San Francisco or Mount Tamalpais, I am available! The pricing is the same, but you will also need to cover transportation.




Can I bring props to the photoshoot?

Definitely! Ideas for props include balloons, bubbles, and champagne bottles. Note: if you bring confetti or glitter, clean it up after.

Do you edit skin, body, etc?

I can edit mild acne, but I will not edit further.

Can I edit the photos after you edit them?

When editing, I pay close attention to color and light, and the end result represents my style. If you want to make the photo just a little brighter or darker I don’t mind, but please don’t put an Instagram filter on it.

When/how do I pay?

I accept cash and Venmo. The first half can be paid any time before the shoot. You can give the second half after I deliver the photos to you.

What if I need to reschedule my photoshoot?

If you need to reschedule, please let me know 48 hours in advance.

Do you accept meal plan as a form of payment?

I do not.

Do you do other types of sessions besides graduation?

Yes! I do regular portraits, couples photography, and events. I’ve even done a shoot for a group of friends playing Frisbee, petting dogs, and just hanging out. The pricing on these will vary, so contact me for more details.

Other information:

When posting, please credit my Instagram @amariswoo.


When you’re ready to have your photos taken or have any questions, let me know! Please answer the questions below and submit them through this form. Let’s have a memorable photoshoot!

1) What day and time would you like your photoshoot on? I am usually not available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays; if only one of those days works for you, let me know and we can arrange something. I recommend taking photos during golden hour (see second section of this page). Since the sunset time changes slightly as the weeks go by, you can just say “golden hour” and closer to the date we can specify exactly what time to meet.

2) Will you have a friend (or more than one) in the photoshoot with you?

3) Is there anything else I should know?

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