Hi there! I'm Amaris, a photographer from the San Francisco Bay Area. I usually shoot cityscapes and landscapes, but I also enjoy concert photography, portraits, and other types of photography. 

     I’m a recent graduate of University of the Pacific. I majored in Media X and English, and minored in Film Studies.

     I particularly love taking photos in Taiwan. My connection to it started because of my heritage, and as I began visiting, I fell in love with its natural scenery, vast cityscapes, and culture. Now I consider it a lifelong mission to spread its beauty to the world.

     When I'm not doing photography or filmmaking, I enjoy writing stories, watching films, practicing singing and piano, and playing badminton.

     All photos on this site are taken by me (unless I state otherwise). You are welcome to share them if you include credit linking back to this site. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

     You can find my résumé here, and more details about press/features here.

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