Inspiring Photographers

These are inspiring photographers that I admire!

The image next to their name and description belong to them.


Jordan Hammond

My favorite travel photographer. He always has stunning compositions and lovely colors! Check out his Instagram here.


Elaine Li

Elaine Li is well-versed in all sorts of photography, producing beautiful and impactful images. Here's her website, and here's her Instagram.


Jennifer Bin

She's a designer and photographer based in Shanghai and captures stunning futurescapes. Her Instagram's here and her website's here.


Shohki Eno

Eno uses his design knowledge to compose beautiful portraits, cityscapes, and lifestyle shots. Check out his website and Instagram!


Liam Wong

He captures beautiful nightscapes and turns them into surreal and cyberpunk-like masterpieces. Here is his Instagram and website.


Brandon Leighton

A talented photographer who has beautiful concepts in his work. Check out his Instagram here.


Josh Ellis

Originally from Canada, Josh takes brilliant landscape and street photos of Asia, particularly highlighting Taiwan's culture. You can find his site here and his Instagram here.


Daniel Fabia

Daniel is an extraordinary photographer who composes dreamy images with colors inspired by his synesthesia. Visit his Instagram here!

In frame: Jennifer


Yik Keat

His photographs are so beautiful and cinematic. You can find his Instagram here!

In frame: Nicola Asahina


Allan Puls

A photographer from Washington who captures breathtaking images of the Pacific Northwest. Here is his Instagram.

In frame: Brittany Edwards