88rising Concert in San Francisco

Photographing the 88 Degrees and Rising concert was an awesome experience. I vibed with all the artists’ music beforehand and it was fun not only photographing the artists, but seeing how excited the fans were. The San Francisco show was their final stop of the tour. I also met Jenny, a talented photographer who was taking photos of the show too. Check out her work! :)

Before the tour, I wrote an article for my school paper to preview the show. As I learned more about each artist’s background, my respect for them kept growing. I highly recommend checking them out!


A lot of concerts have rules for photographers where you can only be in the photo pit (area between the stage and the audience) for the first three songs. I had read about it but hadn’t dealt with it until this concert. It was challenging but ultimately rewarding because knowing that I was on a time limit made me really focus on the shots I was getting. When three songs passed, I would go to the back of the venue to get shots of the crowd and the stage from afar.


Los Angeles-based singer August 08 stands for expressing yourself and discovering outlets that foster creativity and happiness. He was the opener for the show and his voice conveyed emotion really well.


A lot of people know KOHH from his feature on “It G Ma,” but the talented Japanese rapper also has four studio albums and six mixtapes to his name. His arduous upbringing and environment helped influence lyrically-powerful work. I was super excited to see him during the show and I wasn’t let down. He had amazing stage presence and was so full of energy!


R&B singer, songwriter, and producer NIKI is from Indonesia. When I looked up interviews with her, I saw something she said that really stood out. She said, “the mission of 88 is to represent Asians and make us, as a culture and as a race, a lot more represented.” She also mentions that her, “main goal is just to have Asian girls see [her] and be like, ‘Okay, maybe I don’t have to be a doctor. Maybe I don’t have to be a lawyer.’”

Her voice was lovely and the crowd loved her! The show also happened to be on Halloween, so she and some of the other artists wore costumes.


Higher Brothers is a hip-hop and trap group hailing from Chengdu, China. The four lively members – MaSiWei, DZknow, Psy.P, and Melo – are most well-known for their catchy songs “Made in China” and “WeChat.” I probably knew more of their songs than I did of the other artists’ music, and it was awesome to see how hyped they were.


Keith Ape is known for his role in the song “It G Ma,” a collaboration with Japanese and Korean rappers. This song is renowned to have brought Asian rappers into the mainstream spotlight. During the concert I respected his passion.


Rich Brian was one of the main headliners of the show. He’s a self-made nineteen-year-old Chinese-Indonesian rapper who comes from a humble upbringing. The crowd absolutely loved him! His flow and his voice distinguish him as a unique rapper who’s changing the game.


One of my favorite crowd shots. :)


The last performer was Joji. Some might know him as Filthy Frank on Youtube, though he has since discontinued that content. As Joji, he produces soulful lo-fi and trip hop music. I’m in love with his song “Slow Dancing in the Dark.”


For the finale, all the artists gathered on the stage and performed “Midsummer Madness.”


Then NIKI surprised the crowd with her rendition of “Slow Dancing in the Dark” to celebrate the release of Joji’s album “Ballads 1.”


This concert was definitely unforgettable! I’m happy that I’m able to share photos of it. Hope you enjoyed, and be sure to check out the artists’ music!

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