Lishan, Taiwan

Last summer I had the chance to stay a couple nights in Lishan (Pear Mountain), Taiwan. My aunt’s friend owns the place I stayed at, and they’re turning it into a B&B. I wanted to share my favorite images from my time there. :) Not sponsored. More information about it is at the bottom of this post, in her words.


In her words:

“Do you know Lishan airB&B梨山? Today I’m sharing with you a nice place to go. If you’re interested, you can visit anytime from April until November, to enjoy the culture and different food! We can meet at LISHAN VISITOR CENTER, 042598133# 0.

  If you would like to be picked up to the B&B, we have transportation from Taichung. Please make an appointment .

Here is my email

Cell TAIWAN  0928983368

Go on a happy trip at high altitude. Lishan is located in Heping District, Taichung City, with approximately 31,300 hectares. According to Lishan Visitor Center, “Lishan Scenic Area sits in the middle of the Central Cross- Island Highway and is a hub connecting the east and west in central Taiwan.” Natural food grows in the mountain and the weather is nice and cool like the US. If you'd like to go or have any questions, feel free to send me a message anytime.

If you need a tour guide and/or transportation, you will need to contact the B&B two weeks before.

You can pay through bank transfer. Payment options/information:

  1. One night stay: $900 NTD

  2. Breakfast: +$100

  3. Dinner: +$350

You can find my video about it here, my friend’s video here, and a news piece featuring Lishan here.”