Photowalking in Daxi Old Street

I went back to Taiwan this winter and joined three photowalks with Photowalkers. The group consists of some of my favorite people in Taiwan, and it’s always an adventure taking photos with them.

For this photowalk, we went to Daxi Old Street! I went with Atles, Kenneth, Brian, Kenny, Josh, Alicia, and Jay. Special thanks to Josh for leading this photowalk.


The sign reads, “Don’t park in front of the garage.”


I saw a really cute dog in a small shop and had to take pictures. The shop owner’s wife happened to be behind me, and she called the dog’s name repeatedly so it would look up.


At some point we saw a man walk by with a rabbit on his shoulder. One earbud was in the man’s ear while the other one was in the rabbit’s ear! As he walked by, one of us asked him if we could take a photo of him and he ended up putting the rabbit on everyone’s shoulder. It was definitely one of the most memorable moments of the photowalk.




We passed by the shop below and the scene just felt so cinematic. I didn’t take any photos but as we waited for someone to catch up with us, I decided to quickly go back and snap a few pics. I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t.


Thanks for checking out this short blog post! I’ve been pretty behind on posting but I’ll do my best to update more soon :)