Photowalking in Hsinchu

This was my third photowalk of the year with Photowalkers, and my fourth with them overall. I definitely feel lucky to have found a group of talented and passionate photographers who love their craft!

I joined Billy, Josh, Brian, Atles, Kenny, Patrick, Filipe, and Jing-Shung on this photowalk. Thank you to Josh for leading us through Hsinchu!


It was my first time going to Hsinchu and I really enjoyed it. We went around downtown and visited a couple temples.


My favorite place was City God Temple! It's a beautiful temple combined with a market. There are lots of great food to try and alleys to explore. 


The alleys in particular are so cinematic. I feel like I could film a movie here. One of the market vendors told me that awhile back there were people who actually came to film some sort of movie or show. 


I'm still a bit nervous when it comes to street photography. I hadn't done much of it before this trip. When I raised my camera to take photos of this man, he brightened up and gave such a happy smile! He thanked me afterwards and I realized that I definitely need to try more street photography. 


Before heading back, we realized that there was some sort of parade and temple festival going on. It was an interesting and beautiful sight to see!


Hsinchu was really special and I can't wait to visit again. Have you ever been?