Photowalking in Tamsui

During my trip to Taiwan last year, I discovered Photowalkers, a group of photography enthusiasts in Taiwan. The photowalk I joined was super fun so I knew I had to join at least one on this year's trip!

On July 8th, Kenneth hosted a photowalk in Tamsui. We were joined by Atles. It was a smaller crowd than last year but we had a lot of fun! We visited Fuyou Temple, Fort San Domingo, Fisherman's Wharf, and more. The photowalk lasted from 1:45PM to about 7:45PM. A long journey, but well worth it!

This time I explored street photography more. It's something I haven't tried much; I even wrote an ethics post about whether or not it's okay to have people in your photos without their knowledge. I didn't have a solid stance on it, but I believed it was best to ask for permission. With the shots yesterday, I didn't ask. I still feel a bit strange about it but I know my intentions and storytelling purpose.

I captured a couple of my favorite shots at an alley in Tamsui Old Street. I loved how all the elements made up a cinematic scene!

Fuyou Temple had beautiful lanterns. It's a small temple compared to many others in Taipei but there was always at least a few people in there.


I was lucky to capture this really cute moment from across the street!


I loved how this old staircase looked. I climbed a different set of stairs in a building adjacent to these to get a better view.


We saw lots of cute and curious artwork and tea places on our way. There were lots of those yellow cats in these areas.


We headed to Fisherman's Wharf for our last stop. We made it before sunset so we caught some beautiful golden hour light!

This reflection shot is one of my favorites from that day. Only after I put it in my computer did I realize that the left mirror also reflected the right one!


During this adventure, I found myself thinking about the differences between photowalks and Instameets. In Instameets you tend to split up after meeting in the beginning, though that also means you go at your own pace. I prefer photowalks because the group is moving together, yet still with some flexibility. 

Thank you again to Kenneth and Atles! Can't wait for the next photowalk. :)

Have you been on a photowalk before?