London - A Short Visual Tour

By Guest Blogger Ethan Pearce from BorrowFox!

London is not just the capital of England. It is one of the most significant financial, cultural, and architectural cities in Europe, and indeed the world. The city’s massive sprawl, diverse population, and rich history make it an especially interesting city to photograph. Whether you are a first time tourist, or a lifetime Londoner looking to flex your photography muscles, the city offers a wide range of stunning cityscapes, architectural curiosities, and city life that will be sure to ignite your creativity.

From the moments of calm found in London’s rolling parks or the fast pace of its busy streets, the many moods of London can produce a large variety of photographic tones. London is also home to a fantastic contemporary photography scene, with new exhibitions constantly springing up in the city’s small East London galleries and larger cultural institutions such as the Tate Modern. The Photographers Gallery in Soho - the first public gallery in the UK devoted solely to photography - is also worth a visit for those looking for inspiration from the masters of photography.

If you are looking to take the best photos you can, and do not own a high quality DSLR camera, consider renting a high quality piece of equipment. BorrowFox is a platform that offers great kit for affordable prices. Because BorrowFox works under the sharing economy model, you might even be able to get tips on where to shoot from the users you rent from. In essence, the site makes creativity accessible to all. This visual tour was shot by different BorrowFox users:

St. Paul’s Cathedral (by Rikki Roche -- @rikki.roche)

St. Paul’s Cathedral, a stunning example of the 17th century English Baroque style, sits on Ludgate Hill at the highest point in the city of London. It is a popular tourist destination because of the building’s grandeur, as well as its historical significance. For photographers, the cathedral’s incredible dome and the builders’ attention to detail make it a must-visit location. Rikki Roche’s photograph highlights the long history of London with the magnificence of the English Baroque style Cathedral centred in between two glass paneled contemporary buildings.


Notting Hill (by Andreas Lostromos -- @meletispix)

The neighborhood of Notting Hill evokes a charming village-like feel even though it is very much within the London city limits. The neighborhood’s colorful buildings and lovely weekend market make it a great place to take photos in a less hectic, and simultaneously interesting spot. Especially after the release of Hugh Grant’s famous Notting Hill Rom-Com, photographers can capture the essence of British charm in the neighborhood.  


Regent Street (by Chris Dalton -- @chrisjdalton)

Located in the heart of London's West End, Regent Street's curving white facade is sure to inspire the visually minded. Its understated elegance makes for spectacular images: every building is Grade II listed. In mid-November the street is illuminated by London’s best Christmas light display.


Hammersmith Bridge (by Andreas Lostromos -- @meletispix)

Hammersmith Bridge is one of the many famous bridges that stretches across the iconic Thames. The striking green color that be seen during the day gives the sense that the bridge is glowing. Additionally, the bridge is decorated with a coat of arms motif -- making it a great site to photograph whether day or night, close or far.


These photographs represent the eclectic nature of London and, more importantly for photography buffs, the city’s ability to inspire great photographs. If you are happen to travel to London and don’t feel like bringing your expensive camera equipment, consider renting with BorrowFox. The site offers inexpensive rental options from photographers who care about capturing the perfect shot just as much as you.

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