H1ghr Music Tour San Francisco - Concert photos

I had a chance to photograph H1ghr Music Tour 2018 in San Francisco earlier this month! Thank you to my friend Lina (@linadolly) and Siva Group Entertainment (@sivagroupent) for the opportunity. And a huge thank you to buddy Oscar (@oschow) for driving me!

This was the second concert I've photographed, though it was very different than the Gryffin one. It took place at The Grand, a nightclub in San Francisco. There were also many artists all from the H1ghr Music label: Ted Park (@tedparkboi), Avatar Darko (@avatardarko), Woodie Gochild (@woodie_gochild), Phe Reds (@phe.reds), Raz Simone (@razsimone), Cha Cha Malone (@chachamalone), Jarv Dee (@jarvdee), pH-1 (@ph1boyyy), and Sik-K (@younghotyellow94).

I arrived a few hours early to the event to help out and ended up taking the meet-and-greet photos. I was super nervous to do so, but it was a great experience and I'm glad the photos turned out well! An example of a meet-and-greet photo is below.


Ted Park opened up the show. Like with the Gryffin concert, I made sure to check out the artists' music before the show and I really vibed with Ted Park! My favorite song by him is "Hello," which unfortunately wasn't performed. But he still sang and rapped catchy songs like "Me Love" and "Broke."


I captured my photos from four main spots: 1) A corner of the second floor where I laid on the ground for a good angle, 2) The middle of the stairs where I could get the closest to the artist, 3) Near a wall on the first floor, and 4) The area below where I sat or knelt on a bar counter.


Avatar Darko went next. I tried to look for interesting smoke and reflections in his sunglasses.


Then came Woodie Gochild. I loved his energy and the crowd vibed with him so much as he performed hits like "Let's get it." A light near the stairs looked interesting so I incorporated it into the shot below.


Phe Reds had a phenomenal voice that the audience couldn't get enough of!


Raz Simone had an incredible stage presence as he rapped powerful lyrics and embodied intense emotions. 


The next two are a couple of my favorite shots of the night. I love the connection between him and the fan in both!


Cha Cha Malone was up next. His charisma clearly showed on stage.


Before the next artist, Phe Reds and Cha Cha Malone had a brief breakdancing competition.


Jarv Dee followed with an awesome set!


pH-1 had a distinct style as he captivated the audience with his smooth voice and flow.


Finally, the last artist appeared on stage - Sik-K! He blew the audience away.


Sik-K and pH-1 performed their super catchy song together, "iffy."


Before the night ended, all the artists gathered on stage for a powerful finale. This is my favorite shot of the night, where the water happened to frame Troy Ambroff (@troyshouse) perfectly!


Thanks for checking out this post! I hope to photograph more concerts this year. :)

Who's your favorite musician from H1ghr Music?