Pacific: Third year of college in pictures

As I write this several days after my third year at University of the Pacific just ended, it's starting to hit me that I only have a year left before graduation. Where did the time go?

This third year was full of fun, stress, and surprises. Here are some photos documenting my third year adventures!

During a particularly foggy night in Stockton, I set out to take photos and add color to the fog with post-processing.


I also went to World Wide Instameet 16 with my friends on Mount Davidson! (What is an Instameet?)


I bought a lantern online and used it in some photoshoots.


I also brought it to the second Instameet I attended this school year in Mussel Rock Park Beach. The following photo was taken by Leslie; I'm the one seated on the right! (Full post about the Instameet here)


In March I had the awesome opportunity to do a takeover of StocktonCA's Instagram!


Pacific's Media X and Humanities programs sponsored a San Francisco trip to SFMOMA and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.


On the way back, I took one of my favorite photos ever - and through a bus window, too!


I ended up getting my dream camera, the Sony A7iii!

I did several photography projects during the semester. My favorite was one about isolation and disconnect; these were taken with the A7iii.






I also got into concert photography towards the end of the year! I had the amazing opportunity to photograph Gryffin, Joyzu, and Sunframes. (Full post here)






About a week after, I helped photograph H1ghr Music Tour in San Francisco! 


This year I got better with doing portraits. I did three grad shoots and I'm looking to do more in the future!






The year ended in the best way possible! My team submitted a film, "Whiskey," to our school film festival. It's based on a screenplay by Cole Akins, a previous student, though we changed many elements. It was a lot of stress but tons of fun, and we ended up winning four awards: Best Sound, Best Editing, Best Cinematography, and Best Picture! Definitely one of the best days of my life. Thank you Henry (co-director, editor) and Noah (editor, actor) for being the best team ever. Not pictured: other team members and actors!


This year was a big step for my website, too. This past semester I revamped a lot, including adding film reviews and ethics posts. 

I can't wait to see what senior year at Pacific has in store for me, but first I'll make sure to make the most out of this summer! ^_^ I plan to learn some new skills, touch up on my photography/film process, and much more.

What are your summer plans?