RepresentAsian: Performances and panel discussion ft. JuNCurryAhn, DANakaDAN, AJ Rafael, and Less Than 3

On March 30th, my university hosted "RepresentAsian," an event about Asian-Americans in media. APHIMC (Asian, Pacific Islander Heritage Month Committee) invited JuNCurryAhnDANakaDAN, and AJ Rafael to come for a panel discussion and performances.

The lighting was actually pretty bad in the beginning but that made for cool reflections!

One of the event organizers, Shirley Pham, asked a number of questions during the panel discussion; later, some audience members voiced their questions as well. Aside from discussing Asian representation in media, the artists also touched on other subjects such as Asian stereotypes and conceptions of Asians. All three artists were open-minded as they explored multiple perspectives and emphasized the importance of being understanding and embracing one’s heritage.

The second half of the event involved a variety of performances. Stockton band Less Than 3, consisting of Sunny Vang, Joseph Wang, and Ryan Vang, opened up the show with their powerful voices and striking harmonies. I hadn't heard their music before today and they blew me away!

Side note: My friends and I met Sunny and Ryan after one of their performances at Superfish. They're super nice and humble!

Jun Sung Ahn (JuNCurryAhn) followed suit with multiple dreamy pieces on the violin. All of the songs happened to be Kpop songs, including two pieces from BTS. He ended with "Spring Day."

After that, Dan Matthews (DANakaDAN) invited the audience to gather near the stage and performed an exhilarating set. I tried to get some cool shots of Dan being framed by the audience's hands, especially as people jumped around when the beat dropped.

Below is one of my favorites! I like the close connection of Dan's and the audience member's hand.

AJ Rafael ended the event by singing covers and original songs, but not before inviting all the artists on stage for one last song.

At the end of the night, the artists took photos with the audience and had a VIP meet-and-greet session.

It wasn't exactly a concert, but this made me much more interested in concert and event photography! I'll be taking photos during Gryffin's concert at SJSU later this month.

If you haven't already, check out the artists featured in RepresentAsian! They're all so talented and I hope to see them in another event some day.