Ethics of giving proper credit + How do we help creators get their name out there?


Giving proper credit seems like a common courtesy, and it should be. If you take a photo of a model and post it, you should tag them. If a photographer takes a photo of you, you should credit them when you post it. It's a different story if one party doesn't want credit for any reason, but more times than not, proper credit is missing.

As creators, we want to get our names out there because it's hard enough as it is. Giving credit to your model/photographer helps them get the recognition they deserve and gives them a tiny boost on their creative journey. I've seen some photographers on Instagram take pictures of famous singers/rappers but their names aren't included when the artist posts them. Just a simple tag could help the photographers get more exposure and grow.


When I deliver photos to a client and they don't credit me as the photographer, it can be disheartening, especially if they are a fellow creator who knows I'm trying to make it in the industry. It also undervalues some of the time spent shooting and editing.

It's equally important for me to tag the models in my images. Aside from the time they spent helping me in the shoot, they are also trying to get their names out there, so the very least I can do is tag them. If make-up artists, fashion designers, and more are part of a collaborative effort to create a photograph, they should get credit as well. 


Proper crediting will help artists get more exposure, but what else can we do to help our fellow creators be more known? These are a few small things that go a long way. 

1) Like, share, and comment on their social media posts. The same goes for blog posts and videos.

2. Turn on post notifications and/or email subscriptions. For websites such as Instagram and Youtube, you can turn on post notifications so you get notified when the artist publishes something new. A lot of blogs have an email subscription option; for instance, mine is on my homepage towards the bottom.

3. Tell your family and friends about the artist. I've had a few friends ask me, "What are some cool Instagram pages I should follow?" After asking what content they're interested in, I recommend them different creators.

If you're a creator, you should consider these too for artists you like. Only focusing on your own growth hinders yourself. It takes a team effort to rise up! 

Thanks for checking out this post. :) Do you agree with giving credit, or do you think it's not always necessary? And what do you do to help out creators?