3/3/3: Planet of the Apes Trilogy (2011) (2014) (2017)

Hey everyone! Hank412 and Noah are back for another 3/3/3: three films covered by three reviewers in three sentences. This time we watched the Planet of the Apes trilogy! Spoilers ahead.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011), dir. Rupert Wyatt

A drug made to treat Alzheimer's disease increases the intelligence of apes. The project is terminated after things go wrong but the drug developer, Will Rodman (played by James Franco), takes care of the baby ape Caesar, who was born with increased intelligence. As Caesar grows up, he questions his identity and begins a revolution.

Noah: "Rise received average reviews upon release but I thought it was awesome. It's my second favorite in the trilogy and the performances from Franco and Andy Serkis are great. The mo-cap is in its development stage here but it still looks good. 8.5/10."

Hank412: "Underrated and phenomenal. Great visuals with strong characters and emotions at its core, never letting its effects distract from its story and performances. Ape-pocalypse is METAL. 8.4/10."

Amaris: "A powerful start to an amazing trilogy. The acting and visuals were pretty great. It's also a film that really makes me feel attached to the characters, and I care what happens to them. 8.5/10."

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014), dir. Matt Reeves

The presence of humans threatens the apes' survival. Caesar approaches the humans with caution and a degree of trust, while Koba - a strong ape who had been brutally tortured by people - succumbs to violence to protect his kind.

Noah: "I don't find Dawn as game-changing as people say it is but I do like it. The story feels a bit more predictable but there's a lot of emotion to keep you invested. Tobey Kebbell steals the show as Koba this time around and makes for the best villain in the trilogy. 8/10. Bonus: Hank is wrong."

Hank412: "Stakes raised and the villains more terrifying, this sequel expands on what made the first one work so well without losing focus. Action scenes and emotional scenes are superb, with the film's characters driving them all. Long live Ape Ruler Koba! 8.8/10. Bonus: Noah is full of shit."

Amaris: "Dawn had beautiful cinematography and the plot kept me invested the whole time. I love the complexity of Koba's character and felt so conflicted on whose side to take. One of my favorite scenes has to be the one where Koba pretends to be innocent and kills two men; the shift in tone is amazing. 9/10. Bonus: I wish Caesar's wife's character was actually developed." 

War for the Planet of the Apes (2017), dir. Matt Reeves

After most of his family is killed, Caesar seeks revenge against the Colonel.

Noah: "War is my favorite of the trilogy. The tone is similar to Last of Us and the story gets darker and more somber rather than being an action-packed finale. It's like Exodus with apes. 9/10."

Hank412: "The final film makes a bold move opting to end on a more solemn, yet uplifting note, rather than a bang. The visual effects are at their peak, as is the writing, yet it sadly never reaches the heights of its predecessor. Give Serkis his fucking Oscar. 8/10."

Amaris: "The impressive CGI, jaw-dropping cinematography, and intricate plot...I can't decide if I like this one or the second film better, but I really loved this one. I enjoyed practically every moment and felt attached to most of the characters. My only complaints are the underdevelopment of certain characters, such as an army man that kept appearing and Caesar's wife. 9/10."

Thanks for checking out this 3/3/3! Have you seen the Planet of the Apes trilogy? What did you think?

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