Visiting Moscow Kremlin, Red Square, Saint Basil's Cathedral, GUM, and more!

In late June of 2017, I was lucky to visit Moscow, Russia with my family. Here's a vlog about the adventure! I also have had some people ask me about safety concerns and transportation during my trip, so I'll address them towards the bottom of this post.

A couple of words I come up with when I think back to Moscow are "colorful" and "architecture." Moscow's architecture looks amazing at every turn, especially the more well-known sights. They're often very colorful too, unlike most places I've been.

A lot of cool sights in Moscow happen to be packed into an area, including the Kremlin, Red Square, Saint Basil's Cathedral, GUM, and Alexander Garden. 

Red Square is known as Moscow's central square, surrounded by places such as the Kremlin, the GUM department store, Lenin's Mausoleum, and Saint Basil's Cathedral. The building below is the State Historical Museum, and a tiny part of the Kremlin is visible to the left of it.

I also returned here the following day and was lucky to capture lightning on video! This is an exported frame of that video.

Below is Saint Basil's Cathedral. I recognized this building from lots of images I had seen online, and it's truly a place that photos cannot do proper justice to. The colors were so beautiful and vibrant and the building makes you feel tiny. 

Below is GUM, a huge and famous mall with lovely architecture.

It looked so much more luxurious than other malls I've seen. Like the other sights in Moscow, it was also quite colorful.

Always hunting for reflections!

Kazan Cathedral.

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is dedicated to all the Soviet soldiers who perished during the second world war. Every hour, there is a "Changing of the Guard" ceremony.

On the second day we visited this area, we bought tickets to enter the Kremlin. We went into a few of the cathedrals, but we cut the visit short when we saw that a storm was looming. Pictures weren't allowed in most of the cathedrals we went in.

After I saw the striped crosswalk and the man on the left, I knew I had to take this shot!

This is one of the last photos I snapped when we left the Kremlin grounds. During this trip, I tried to pay attention to framing more during some of my photos.

And now about safety during this trip! My family didn't really run into any trouble during the whole thing, but I'm sure our family friend who took us around (who speaks Russian and has lived in Moscow for most of his life) is a big factor in that. I think the driving here could scare some people, but it's not really different from some places in Asia. It doesn't seem as "safe" as I'm used to in America, but all the drivers there are accustomed to it. 

As for transportation, we took Uber and taxis at times but also the metro. They were pretty convenient to access and not overly pricey! 

Have you been to Moscow? If you haven't, would you like to go after seeing this? :D