What is an Instameet? [ft. World Wide Instameet 2017 in Mount Davidson, San Francisco]

From Sept. 8-10, at least tens of thousands of people gathered across the globe for Worldwide InstaMeet 16. According to Instagram’s Community website, an Instameet is, “a group of Instagrammers meeting up to take photos and videos together.”

Instagram is a good platform to share and discover photos, but because it is so huge, other people’s work can overshadow yours and it can be difficult to connect with people. Instameets are great for meeting other creatives and growing your passion for photography and videography.

The Worldwide Instameets are special events, but anyone can host a meetup anywhere at any time. Sometimes an individual will host a meet with their friends and invite everyone they know. Other times, a big page on Instagram (for instance, @agameoftones) will host one. You don’t have to be a photographer or Instagrammer to attend, though many people use the event to network.

Meetups can be a little different depending on who hosts them, but they generally follow a similar formula. Everyone gathers at a designated location, the host introduces themselves, and everyone meets each other. Then everyone splits off to explore and take photos as they wish, often meeting and growing closer with more people along the way.

I have been to five meetups so far and they have all helped me meet new friends and enhance my passion for photography. Above all, my favorite part of Instameets is how everyone gathers in the same place, yet takes a variety of different photos. Some photographers may lean towards portraits, while others capture the landscape or cityscape. Different things catch different people’s eyes, and it is always refreshing to see everyone’s vision!