Review: The Man From Nowhere (2010)

Lee Jeong-beom directed The Man From Nowhere, an epic thriller infused with intense, emotional, and humorous moments. Cha Tae-sik, played by Won Bin, used to be in the South Korean army’s special forces, but after his pregnant wife was assassinated and he was almost killed, he went into hiding. His only friend is his young neighbor Jung So-mi, who takes refuge in his apartment to escape her abusive family. When So-mi is kidnapped by a group of dangerous organ harvesters, Tae-sik must save her, the only person he has left to care about. Spoilers ahead!

This is one of my favorite Korean revenge films. I loved the acting, action, and music overall. The main protagonists are very likable and they're written quite well. Won Bin in particular is a fantastic actor who commands the screen. The antagonist brothers, mainly the older one, are dangerous yet overall hilarious. Ramrowan, one of the other antagonists, is developed fairly well and the audience ends up caring for him.

The film did have a few issues. There were slight editing problems where there were too many unnecessary cuts in a couple scenes. The freeze frame at the end and the song that accompanies it don't really add much to the film; in fact, they make it feel pretty cheesy. Lastly, the main detective's character wasn't developed very well.

Aside from those, so many moments were touching and well-shot. You really feel the stakes in this movie and you care what happens to the characters for the most part. The pacing never drags and the movie makes you eager to see what happens next. 

Overall I'd give this movie 9/10! Have you seen this movie, or other Korean revenge films? What do you think?