About myself and the future of this blog

I realized I didn't have a post truly introducing myself yet, and recently I've also had many new ideas on how to expand my blog. This post will be a combination of that as I talk about myself and my experience with photography, as well as exciting content that I will add soon!

First photo by Leslie, second photo by Jason


Hi everyone! I'm Amaris Woo. I currently attend University of the Pacific in Stockton as a third-year. I'm majoring in English and Media X, and minoring in Writing and Film Studies.

My interest in photography began in the summer of 2012 during a trip to Australia and New Zealand with my family. I had a camera that was probably worth $80 or $100 at most and I took it everywhere I went. The next year, my dad's sister gave him a Sony Nex-5n that he didn't really use, so I started using it.

Though I've been interested in photography for several years, I began taking it more seriously in December of 2015 when I decided to get a Nikon D3300, an entry-level DSLR. I took two photography classes in 2016, though they didn't push my creativity very far. They provided the basic foundations for my knowledge of composing and editing shots, but most of my work was improved with practice.

I tend to shoot landscapes and cityscapes, but I like to delve into other types of photography as well. I'm not great at portraits, so that's something I want to improve. I'd like to explore concert photography as well in the future.

I also have a particular love for taking photos of Taiwan. My connection to it started because of my heritage, and as I began visiting more, I fell in love! I love the scenery and bustling cities and culture. Now, I consider it one of my missions to spread its beauty to the world.

Aside from photography, I enjoy writing and music. I love writing short stories and I'm in the middle of writing a novel, though I've put it on hold for awhile because of photography. I enjoy singing and playing piano as well. Some musicians I enjoy include Muse, BTS, Avenged Sevenfold, Higher Brothers, and various EDM artists.

From time to time I also like going on adventures with friends, badminton, and decorating my bullet journal.

Unsure who took these (fellow volunteer, school friend)  ft. Kayleigh and Tina

The future of this blog:

I will continue making travel posts, but I'm super excited to add lots more to the blog! Soon I'll be posting tutorials, such as how to edit in Lightroom and some tips on taking unique photos at a popular place. 

In addition, I will have posts talking about ethics in photography - for instance, ethics of editing images and ethics of street photography. I want to present multiple sides of an argument and state my opinion, yet keep it open-ended so the reader can join the conversation too.

Lastly, I will write short film reviews from time to time. I love analyzing movies/shows to see connections/parallels, character development, the impact of certain scenes, and more. I started a "series" on my Instagram story where I will give short input on films; for instance, these were my thoughts on I Saw the Devil:

"Finally watched I Saw the Devil today. It's worth watching once but it's just okay. Plot didn't have much substance; lots of intense scenes (with semi-slow pacing) but most seem to be just shock value. Protagonist wasn't the most likable and he didn't really go through change in the film. Have you seen it? Would love to know your thoughts!'

It was fun to do but there wasn't space to elaborate why the main character didn't change, and why the scenes seemed to be more about shock value rather than good substance/plot. That's why I decided to incorporate some reviews on my blog too! 

I'm very interested in Korean revenge films (Oldboy, The Man from Nowhere) so a good amount of my reviews, especially in the beginning, will touch on those. I'll also talk about anything from the Marvel movies to The Snowman. 

I can't wait to add all this! Come along for the ride as I explore more places, talk about films, and delve into deeper topics about ethics. Feel free to message me with feedback or recommend some films/topics to cover!