Art of Visuals x Visuals of Life Meetup in Daly City

Art of Visuals and Visuals of Life from Instagram hosted a meetup at Mussel Rock Park Beach in Daly City. The event went from noon to sunset, and my friends and I arrived there around 4:15pm. There were probably at least a hundred people there; most were gathered in one place, but others were off exploring.

Although this is the fifth meetup that I've been to, I still felt particularly anxious at the beginning. Everyone was friendly, but I was nervous to approach anyone. Eventually, with the help of my friends, I talked to a few people.

As sunset approached, my friends and I decided to venture further. There was this area below; it wasn't too dangerous, but you'll want to watch your step.

The view is so rewarding though! This was my first time at the beach, and I'll definitely have to come back soon.

In frame: Nathan

Near the edge, I met Nathan (@nathanjohndeleon), Kasey (@kmantiply), and Andrew (@andrewoptics). We watched the sunset together and took turns shooting with a lantern that I brought.

In frame: Andrew

In frame: Kasey

The above photo was taken by Leslie and edited by me. I'm the one sitting down on the right!

In frame: Kasey

Andrew, Kasey, and Nathan began heading back a bit after sunset. My friend Adam stayed with me for awhile as we tried putting fairy lights on the lantern.

This is probably one of my favorite Instameets, right behind Pop Up Sutro. Even though I was so nervous at the beginning, I still ended up connecting with people and having a great time! This also inspires me to write a post about anxiety at photo meetups. It's natural, but we have to remember that we have everything to gain and nothing to lose!