Battery Spencer Instameet

On August 7th 2017, I went with a few friends to #WestCoastTour, a photo meetup hosted by A Game of Tones at Battery Spencer.

Model: Corey

There was quite a bit of people there, and I met some cool people such as Nick, HugoZed, Kaide, and Daniel aka "Fabio". Though my friends and I stayed around the gathering area for awhile, we eventually ventured further to explore some other places nearby!

Model: Oscar

Model: Gabe

After quenching our thirst for adventure, we headed back to the big group for some last shots. This ended up being the most fun part! This is where I pulled out my fairy lights, and where we met Kaide and David.



Gabe and Kaide! 

If you've never been to a photo meetup, I highly encourage them! It's a place to expand your creativity and be in a place where people share the same passion as you. My creative boundaries definitely get pushed here, and on top of that, I've met some cool people. ^_^

Thanks for checking this out. Hope you have a great day ahead of you!