Davenport - Fun Adventures and Safety Concerns

August 1st, 2017

I went to Davenport with some college friends! Before going, I had seen a bunch of photos on Instagram of the abandoned pier above. I was fascinated, though after doing some research, I had my doubts on how to reach this place.

Izzy and Corey

Aside from the difficulty of finding the abandoned pier (the instructions online were along the lines of, "after parking your car, walk across the train tracks and keep going right"), there is a very steep climb down to this little beach. I think there is an easier way to cross during low tide, but the tide was high when we went so we didn't have a choice.

My friends and I made it safely down the cliff, but we went very slowly. The journey down the cliff didn't seem too dangerous at the time; we had to be very careful, but no one was close to falling.

Though I'm glad we got some cool pictures, I wouldn't come back again and I wouldn't recommend others to come here either because of safety concerns. There have been at least two stories of people getting hurt here due to falling. 

Aside from the abandoned pier, there were other safer places to hike around, but we didn't stay long. There were really great views though!

I feel like some photographers are taking more and more risks to get good photos, just like how some Youtubers do crazy stunts for views. Risks are good to a degree, but it's never worth risking your life for a photo. I am thankful nothing bad happened to us here, and many other people who visited. Part of me regrets coming here because I can't imagine what would happen if someone had gotten hurt. I'm definitely taking this as a learning experience and will be more mindful in the future.