Adventures in Austria

June 25th 2014 - June 27th 2014

Austria was one of my favorite places to visit :) We went to Mirabell Gardens in Salzburg. If it look familiar, that's because the famous movie The Sound of Music was partly filmed here!

Before heading for the birthplace of Mozart, we walked across the Salzburg Love Lock Bridge. Many countries have places like this but I've never seen them before until now.

Last year I actually encountered a few articles addressing the negative aspects of the love lock practice. The amount of locks weigh down the bridge (or whatever structure that they are attached to). The cute idea behind the locks is that the couple tosses the key over the bridge so their love is locked forever; unfortunately, the keys also contaminate the water. According to the articles, the locks are periodically cut down.

It was a little sad to learn this since I thought the concept was cute, but there are always other alternatives. On my 2017 trip to Russia, I saw a small structure in a courtyard that was made for love locks.

Mozart was born in this yellow home. My mom is a professional piano accompanist so this place was special for all of us, particularly her.

Lake Wolfgang, or Wolfgangsee.

Summer Palace...

...and Winter Palace.