Belgium, Amsterdam, Germany, & Switzerland

June 21st 2014 - June 24th 2014

Belgium was beautiful, though we didn't stay long.

 I remember learning about the Manneken-Pis (the little peeing statue below) in my French class so it was pretty cool to see it in person, though it was smaller than expected. It was basically at the corner of a street.

We headed to Amsterdam after that. Although it was a cool place as well, I got a different vibe from it, and it didn't feel as welcoming. The tour also gave us the option of going to see the famous Red Light District (my family and half the tour declined). However, I'm sure that if we had more time to see Amsterdam, we would've seen more of its beauty. :)

The next day, we headed over to Germany to see the beautiful Cologne Cathedral!

Before the day ended, we went on a Rhine River cruise to view scenery and see some old castles.

 We hit Heidelberg Castle the next day! I loved the architecture.

Sometimes tour guides can get commission by taking customers to certain shops or food places. This cuckoo clock factory was no different, but all of us enjoyed the factory. Everyone I saw genuinely had a good time there :) My grandma really liked a particular clock so we bought one.

 Off to Switzerland! This is Rhine Falls.

Lion Monument. The emotion captured in this monument speaks volumes. It's located near Lake Lucerne.

Shortly after, we went on a boat ride on Lake Lucerne. There was a ton of rain only cleared up towards the end.

Good food from the boat ride.

Swarovski Crystal tour! It didn't seem too interesting at first because the main purpose is probably so the tour guide can get a cut on the sales...but it was actually really cool inside.