A Guide to Taipei 101 - Day, Sunset, and Night

Taipei 101, once the tallest building in the world, can easily be seen in many parts of the city. 

Elephant Mountain is one of the best places to view the skyscraper: It's also very popular - too popular - during New Years as a place to photograph fireworks around the tower. A photographer told me that the place is so overcrowded during that time that some photographers even arrive 24 hours before the shoot to chain their tripods to fences!

and Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall is another:

This was taken around the base of the tower:

The interior of the building itself has impressive architecture! There's a lot to do and see inside Taipei 101 - primarily shopping and eating.

My favorite part of Taipei 101 is definitely the observatory. There's something magical about seeing the city from above. I've gone three times so far and there's always something new to see, but the third time was probably my last for awhile. I'd love to come back if I'm taking a friend to Taipei, but probably not on my own.

The last time I went, tickets were $20. You can also buy a special pass for $40 if you want to go up and down the tower faster. My dad and I bought the special pass on our last visit to avoid the long line. It came with a beautiful pamphlet (I'll have to take a photo when I get the chance) and a free postcard!

Taipei 101 has an indoor observatory and an outdoor one. You can reach the outdoor one by going up the stairs to the 90th floor! Sometimes sections or the entire thing can be closed due to bad weather, and they tell you when you buy tickets.

Speaking of buying tickets, the tower really stepped up its game on my third visit! The place where you buy tickets is absolutely beautiful.

The elevator to go up to the observatory is known for being the fastest elevator in the world. Pretty simulations of constellations glitter above your head as you go up, accompanied by light music. It doesn't feel like it's going fast, but you're there before you know it. 

On my third trip, I saw the sunset from the outdoor observatory. Unfortunately there are lots of metal bars obstructing the view (for safety reasons) so you can't get the best angles, but you can still take great pictures. 

About those metal bars....they're actually really good at reflecting the sunset glow!

This is what they look like straight on:

And now for the indoor observatory. Taipei 101 offers a 360 view of the cityscape and it's absolutely beautiful! I prefer the night view but the day view has its charms, too.

Self-timer! :) If it looks a little trippy, it's because of mirrors inside the observatory.

There are some fun things like a photo booth and a souvenir shop.

On the way out of the observatory, you have to pass by some displays and items to buy. It's clear that it's a way to get money from tourists who buy things, but I think some of the displays are actually really cool :) This giant cabbage from a few years ago is my favorite.

I hope this guide helped you learn a bit more about Taipei 101! Would you like to visit?