A guide to cute/interesting food in Taipei

I'm a big fan of cute food and Taipei has plenty of that. Here are some photo-worthy and yummy spots!

1. Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe

This was my favorite food place of all! I found out about it online and to be honest, I saw some people say that it did not taste great. One of my cousins had gone here when it just opened, and she said it did not taste good either. However, she said that the restaurant probably got better over time, and that's definitely true when I got there.

Everything was super cute (food, tables, walls, etc) and I loved all of it! The food tasted either good or great. Of course, it's more about the experience of having everything Hello Kitty.

2. Honey Creme

This was a small and cute shop. It specializes in honey, so I got vanilla ice cream + honey, and it tasted amazing!

3. Aranzi Cafe

Really cute cafe, though the food to me was just decent.

4. Dazzling Cafe

I heard about this place from a friend so I decided to check it out! It's known for its brick toast. I thought I wouldn't like it much since toast isn't my thing, but the way they made it was amazing and it tasted great!

5. Glam Air

Personally, I think this was more about the photos than the taste. This cotton candy ice cream is super cute, but the taste wasn't too special - just normal cotton candy. It's basically three puffs of cotton candy, and after you finish eating that, all that's left is vanilla ice cream. 

Still, it's worth getting once! Definitely Instagram-worthy.

6. Topo+ Cafe

I was super excited for this place after seeing it online, and it was still cool when I got there but it didn't quite meet my expectations. I saw pictures online about how it was "surrounded" by fish and water, and how you could "watch fish swim around you while you ate." You're definitely not "surrounded" by fish and water though. Still, it's a nice concept!

7. Kyushu Pancake Cafe

I've been here twice so far and the food is great! I believe this place originated in Japan.

8. Modern Toilet Restaurant


This place was the most unique of all. Everything here is toilet-themed. That goes for seats, lamps, the sink where you wash your hands, the menu...practically everything you can think of. It's actually a huge tourist attraction! Some people (myself included) find the concept strange but cute. Some others can't stand it. Would you eat here?

My seat:

9. 六丁目cafe

A cute little cafe with drinks and food. I got hot chocolate here twice and it's one of the best I've had! You'll find people conversing quietly with friends, studying, or curled up reading a book.

Bonus: Unfortunately I don't know the name of this mall but it's near Taipei 101. One of the floors near the top is filled with cute food and displays :) 

Hope you enjoyed! Would you try any of these places?