Paris and Avignon, France

July 2nd - July 5th 2014

This was the last (and I think best) portion of my Europe trip! I was especially excited because I took French in high school, so I felt a small connection. I got to speak French on a few occasions and managed not to mess up too much...luckily the locals understood what I was saying!

After leaving Nice, we went to Avignon.

Cute souvenir shop!

L'Arc de Triomphe. The arch was huge, and when I looked closely, I could see tons of details that I never noticed in pictures online.

We went on a cruise on the Seine River! I didn't get to go into Musée d'Orsay but it was cool to see it from our ship. Also, everyone snapped pictures when the scene directly below occurred:

At last, the Eiffel Tower! We later visited at night.

 Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris. The interior and exterior were both gorgeous.

 At last, we headed up to the Eiffel Tower! This wasn't included in the tour but since so many of us wanted to go, we had the option of paying the bus driver a little extra to get there.

We were told to go up to the second "floor" of the tower, which gave us a beautiful view. Some people in our tour went up to the third floor. I don't blame them completely but it held up the rest of us (especially the bus driver who had to sleep) as we waited for about an hour when we were done. Tip: listen to your tour guide unless they're actually wrong about something.

The next day, we headed to the lovely Versailles Palace!

The famous Hall of Mirrors.

The garden was absolutely stunning. If I had the option of going back to any of the places on this trip, it'd be here.

Louvre Museum! Our tour couldn't cover a lot of it but we saw a good amount.

It wasn't easy to get a picture of the Mona Lisa since there were so many people crowded in front of it, but it was pretty cool to do so! By the way, did you know that the Mona Lisa is actually really small?

My favorite painting from the Louvre: "La Jeune Martyre," or "The Young Martyr."

Thus concludes the Europe Trip. If I can, I'd definitely want to go back soon!