Photowalking in Taiwan

Before I went on my 2017 Taiwan trip, I decided to look for photography groups on Facebook in hopes of joining a meetup or photowalk. I found Photowalkers, a group comprised of many English speakers living in Taiwan. When I joined the group and told them I was visiting, they decided to hold a photowalk in Taipei on May 28th!

When I arrived, the group members greeted me warmly. After some more people arrived, we headed to Sun Yat Sen Hall and split up to take photos.

Changing of the guard ceremony.

Our group! Photo taken by the host, Billy C. Stagner.

There were lots of people in the area and some people blew bubbles and flew kites.

Next, we headed to Songshan Cultural Park. It's similar to Huashan Creative Park in that it has rotating exhibits and many places to explore. We couldn't stay long, and there was still so much more to see. Next time I'll definitely have to come back!

This wall was really cool. I didn't get to go inside, but it was fun watching the others do so! It can be found on one side of the giant Eslite Bookstore.

With Billy C. Stagner.

With Zoey Her.

Fun stairs!

We ended the day at Jin Hua Cheng, also known as Living Mall. I had wanted to come here ever since Frank Yang (@frvnkyvng) told me about it when I asked the location of one of this photos.

I had to leave with my dad since we wanted to see the sunset from Taipei 101 so I couldn't go inside the mall. Next time, perhaps!

The photowalk was everything I hoped for and more. It was so fun meeting everyone, and I hope I can shoot with them again in the future!