Pacific: Second year of college in pictures

Words cannot adequately describe how much I feel like I've grown in my second year of college. I became completely happy with who I was, though I know to still strive to be better always. I grew closer to friends and learned so much.

These are some pictures that I took in my second year of college!

I discovered how fun light painting is, especially with Christmas lights.

Pretty autumn :)

Always searching for new perspectives, especially with reflections.


I became involved with our school's photo club as treasurer, though I decided to step down after sophomore year due to time commitments.

I realized that during a certain time of day, light shining through the stained glass at our school's chapel would make beautiful colors on the floor.

I bought a flower crown from my friend Kat's shop, which you find here. Thanks to Jason for holding it up.

I was walking back to my room a little after 2AM due to studying in a lounge. It was raining but I saw how beautiful these lights were so I had to run and get my tripod to take this shot!

My friends Oscar and Corey accompanied me to the Pop-up Sutro Instameet! There's a whole post on it here.

Model: @oversteep

For my film production class, I made a short film called "Illusions." So much could have been better but I look back on the film knowing I'll do better in the future.

I made lots of new friends this year! I did a photoshoot for them too, which you can find here ^_^

Picture taken by Tina!

One of the only times our school turned on the fountain! Models: Leslie and Oscar.

I wonder what my third year will have in store for me. No matter what, I strive to be a better and better person each day and make memories that will last forever.