Arizona and Utah

I went on a road trip with my family to Arizona and Utah in late December 2016! Being from California, I had only seen snow a couple times. Sitting in the car and watching snow fall was a new experience!

We stayed at a hotel in Sedona, Arizona with gorgeous views. Even though it was a hotel, there was tons of space and good viewpoints. It honestly felt like we were hiking!

Maybe we got lucky or the hotel didn't have too many people at the time, but my dad and I were the only ones walking around. We had this view all to ourselves!

We also explored some more places nearby.

A day later, we left Sedona. We went to Goosenecks State Park and Monument Valley in Utah, but I didn't really like my pictures after looking through them. 

I was interested in seeing Horseshoe Bend because of all the photographers that had gone there, but I didn't want to go out of my way and inconvenience my family. But on the way to the Grand Canyon, we saw a sign directing us to Horseshoe Bend, so we ended up going anyway!

There was a moderate walk to reach the view, but we finally did.

You really have to be there to experience how vast it is. There were also some daredevils soaking in good views (bottom picture) but I was a bit afraid to go up there, so I snapped their picture instead. I always love shots of tiny people in big places!

We ended up at the Grand Canyon briefly and enjoyed the sunset there. There was a bit of snow which made vivid colors in the rocks pop out more. That also meant that certain places were a little slippery because of ice. Lots of people (my family included) slipped and almost fell in certain places. They weren't dangerous areas (no one was in danger of falling into the canyon) but it could've caused some injury.

When I'm at a location, I always feel like I took enough pictures. But every time I go home and go through my camera roll, I wish I could've taken more. This is a reminder to myself and others not to be afraid of shooting too much! There's no such thing as too much - the memories will be worth it.