San Francisco Anime Festival and Cosplay ft. Reika

On July 16th, 2016, Reika joined the annual San Francisco Anime Festival and Cosplay! Reika is a famous cosplayer from Japan and she is rated number one on the WorldCosplay website. She's the one with light blue hair in this post.

Here's my vlog about my experience! Reika actually shared it on her Facebook page ^_^

I was an event photographer for the festival, and my friend Kayleigh accompanied me as I snapped pics of Reika and fellow festival-goers. The event took place in Japantown, San Francisco.

A HUGE thank you to Reika for making this event so great and memorable!

Left: Reika and I, picture taken by my friend Kayleigh.

Middle: Reika signed my calendar!!

Right: Kayleigh and I, picture taken by a fellow volunteer.