Sacramento ArtStreet

ArtStreet was an exhibit in Sacramento that showcased works from over a hundred artists. These exhibits were creative and sometimes had political messages behind them. Here's an article from The Sacramento Bee about it, and here's my vlog about ArtStreet!

After seeing a picture on Instagram about it, I decided to visit this place with my friend Aileen. It was a windy and rainy day, but luckily the sky began to clear just as we made our way there. It was primarily an indoor exhibit but they did have a few things outdoors.

As we went inside, we passed exhibits of photographs and other various art pieces.

After wandering for awhile, we came across the ZSpace exhibit by Alex Trujillo (@_alex_trujillo_). I instantly recognized it because of the dozens of photos I had seen on Instagram. We stayed at the exhibit the longest, basking in the changing colors and smiling at how excited other people were when they saw the lights.

Aileen checking out ZSpace.

A picture of me by Aileen.

We also saw an art piece that was a collaboration between Shaun Burner (@shaunburner) and Franceska Gomez (@ewfrank).

Seeing ArtStreet made me have even more appreciation for the hard work of artists. I'm looking forward to the next time I can see an exhibit like this!