Pacific: A great shoot and even greater friends! ft. The Lounge

I consider myself a sociable person, but I'm used to studying alone. Late into my second year of college, my friend Oscar introduced me to the Commuter's Lounge on campus. Lots of people go there, and they don't necessarily have to be commuters. As I spent more time there, I became friends with a lot of people there and felt like I belonged to the community. 

I could write a whole essay on the lounge (and I actually have for my creative nonfiction class) but I'll save that for another time. Overall, meeting people in the lounge helped me grow as a person and enjoy some of my passions even more, such as singing and photography.

A day before I packed up to go home, I agreed to do a shoot for my lounge friends Leslie and Clarissa. It was just for fun, and I also did Leslie's graduation photos afterward. 

Leslie (left) and Clarissa (right) are so cute!!

She's cuter than all the penguins in the world, and that's tough to beat :)

I also did a quick shoot for Jessica, a cool girl from the lounge that I hadn't really talked to before. My individual photos of her didn't turn out as well as I liked, but I did manage to snap this pic of her and Clarissa!

Afterwards, I did a group shoot for the whole lounge. I'd never done anything like this before, but it was so fun!

This picture was inspired by one of BTS' promo pics.

I'll end this with a few pics I'm in! The pics are either taken by my friends Tina or Oscar.

Love you Tina ^_^