Pop-up Sutro Instameet

I attended a photography meetup for the first time on April 30th, 2017 and met so many creative people! The Instameet was hosted by Andrew Kinder (@avkinder) and it took place in Sutro Baths, San Francisco. My friends from college, Oscar and Corey, went on the adventure with me.

Photo taken by Andrew Kinder.

After we all took a group picture and split up, I felt a little lost. I went into this thinking it would be similar to a workshop; perhaps a model would pose and we'd take turns taking pictures. Instead, we all dispersed and shot what we wanted...which ended up being amazing.

Oscar and Corey joined me and we began exploring Sutro Baths. We were soon joined by Ellie (@eyes_of_eleni), where we experimented with some flowers she brought. At some point we tagged along with Madison (@oversteep) and Garrick (@neverwong_photography)

A shot of Madison. I got my pants muddy for this, but Madison takes the cake because she was wading in muddy water during this above shot!

These two are my favorite shots of Madison from the meetup!

We encountered some more people and shot together. Towards sunset, most people gathered along the beach. A model named Arial (@arial.jade) posed in the cold water as people took pictures; I couldn't join in time, but I snagged a quick silhouette picture.

I've always wanted to experiment with smoke bombs but I never got the chance. I missed two opportunities during the workshop where they used them; I was always in a different location. When I was ready to pack up my stuff to leave, Corey informed me that some people opened up another smoke bomb. I rushed over to see Margaret (@messymarg) with a pink one, and I tried to dodge the crowd as I hurriedly took photos. 

When we left the meetup, all I could think about was how fun it was and when the next one would be. At home, I connected with some people I had talked to briefly, like Resh (@resh510) and Brian (@rusticatlas). Never had I experienced being with so many photographers who were so passionate about what they do.

A huge thank you to Andrew Kinder for hosting this! I hope to attend more meetups in the future.

You can find all the pictures people took by looking at #popupsutro on Instagram!