Mount Tamalpais

Mount Tamalpais in Marin County is a must-see. I always see photos of fog rolling in the hills and seeping through the trees, so I really wanted to go see that. Unfortunately I didn't see much fog, but the views were still amazing!

Before we visited Mount Tam, my dad and I drove to the Golden Gate Bridge to see the sunrise.

Mount Tam has many hiking trails, and we only managed to take a couple. My favorite one was near this winding road!

And because I love making photos dreamy:

The view was absolutely amazing. I feel like Mount Tam is a place I could come back to again and again and never be tired of it. I hope to come here again in the future, especially during sunset! I have yet to see it blanketed by fog.

And to end this, here's a cute chipmunk that lives on Mount Tam!