A few days in Tokyo, Japan

I visited Tokyo, Japan in June of 2016. Every part of it was beautiful and photogenic. I wish I could've stayed longer and seen many more places, but hopefully I can come with friends in the future!

My family and I stayed in a hotel in Nihonbashi. This was the view from a window (not our room, but one in the hallway).

We went to Mori Tower in Roppongi Hills. As we walked towards the tower, we could see Tokyo Tower in the distance.

The view from the observation deck was absolutely lovely! 

There was also a much better view of Tokyo Tower.

(and my futuristic version, for fun)


There happened to be a Sailor Moon exhibition in the tower, and it was included in our ticket.

For just a day, we joined a guided tour to see some other famous spots around Tokyo. First was Meiji Shrine.

This gate at the entrance to the shrine is known as a torii.

After Meiji Shrine, we headed to Senso-ji Temple. Our tour guide explained to us that shrines and temples are very different: Buddhism is practiced at a temple while Shinto is practiced at a shrine.

It's easy to see Tokyo Skytree at this temple!

The path leading up to the temple has tons of shops for items such as clothing, food, and souvenirs. Before you buy something, try walking to the other shops/stands to see if you can get the same item for a cheaper price!

Next, we headed to the Imperial Palace East Gardens. This is a lovely place for a stroll, and it's very photogenic too.

We also went on a cruise on the Tokyo River (Sumida River) after eating lunch and went to Odaiba, which is a man-made island filled with shopping spots and some entertainment.

After the tour, we explored Tokyo Station on our own. The railway station is huge and the outside architecture is beautiful!

My favorite part of Tokyo Station would have to be Character Street. It's an area in the station dedicated to characters like Rilakkuma and Gudetama. Some shops are more general and sell items from various anime. I couldn't get any pictures but Character Street appears in my vlog!

With only a couple days left in Tokyo, we decided to go to Shibuya. Shibuya is known for shopping, but it's also known for Shibuya crossing, which is sometimes known as the busiest intersection worldwide. It has appeared in various movies, and some people specifically go to a certain hotel or the Starbucks nearby to get good views.

The statue of the loyal dog Hachiko is here too. You can read about the legend of Hachiko here!

On the last day before we left Tokyo, we visited the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. which has a couple of observation decks that are open for free.

There are still so many places in Tokyo (and Japan in general) that I want to explore, like Anata no Warehouse and Milky Way Cafe. I want to visit a cat cafe at some point, too! Hopefully I can come back in a few years :)

Have you ever been to Tokyo? If so, what's your favorite spot?