Looking back on 2017

2017 was a year of immense personal growth for me. Any negative occurrences became learning experiences, giving me a positive outlook on any "bad" events to come in the future. I entered my third year of college, became a double-major (adding Media X), and had two art sales. I also started going to Instagram meetups (four total) where I met new creatives.

I met Madison (@oversteep) at my first Instameet. 

Around March, I met many new people in the commuter lounge on campus. We spent time talking, listening to music, singing, and occasionally watching shows with each other (like Rick and Morty). And speaking of watching things, I began watching some South Korean revenge films in November after watching and Oldboy in film class. The Man from Nowhere and Memoir of a Murderer stand out.

One of my grand-aunts at a museum in Taichung.

It was a great year for travel. I visited Taiwan again in the summer, followed by Russia, where I saw beautiful architecture. Every trip to Taiwan added to my love it for, but this one in particular made me realize I wanted to keep going back to promote the wonderful country. During the trip, I also met the Photowalkers, a group of passionate photographers in Taiwan who welcomed me with open arms.

Aside from creating this website, I started utilizing Instagram hashtags and was featured by NatureRomantix (then invited as moderator), VisitStockton, Stocktonca, and Brovisuals. Near the end of the year, I also utilized Reddit more and was amazed to see the results. Two of my nature shots made it to the front page of /r/all (the front page of Reddit, where you can find the most trending and upvoted posts during a certain time period). One of those photos was also picked up by Fox 10 Phoenix on their Facebook and Instagram. All this made me realize even more how much I wanted to pursue my career, and I know next year I'll only do better.

Now it's five days into 2018. I've been busy updating this website and editing a video, and also relaxing before school starts again. I can't wait to see what else 2018 has in store for me!

A shot from Elephant Mountain. After I saw this couple framing the tower, I asked them if I could snap a picture!

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