Pacific: Homecoming 2017

The first event I covered was Food Truck Frenzy. I wasn't sure what kind of unique photos I could take here, but I decided to go in with an open mind and do what I could. I also brought a prism, so that made things more interesting!

The second event, Tiger Rally, ended up being my favorite. Last year I couldn't be on the ground during the event so it was harder to take good photos, but this year I had lots of good opportunities! I saw a good amount of photographers that were positioned at the center of the floor so I decided to take photos at a different area. I must've missed out on some good perspectives, but sometimes my position provided for a great angle! 

DJ: Marselus Cayton

I took some more photos the next day, though my favorite events happened in the evening.

The singer "Her" came to campus for a concert, but before that, there was an event called "This is Big!" Most people didn't have an idea what it was; I had heard a rumor that there would be fireworks, but that was about it. 

Before I knew it, projections popped up on Burns Tower. People cheered and watched in awe as images appeared and faded. One of the coolest parts was when the image of a tiger popped out of a window and looked like it leaped down the tower. After lights began coming up the tower, fireworks commenced!

The night ended with a powerful performance from Her.