Wedding: Yuriy and Esther

In August, I had the privilege of attending Yuriy and Esther's wedding ceremony. It was my first time having experience shooting a wedding, so I was quite nervous but excited going in! I wasn't the main shooter, but I took photos when I could and stayed out of the main photographer's way.

Because I'm not as experienced with portraits and events as much as landscapes, I knew this could be a challenge. It did end up being so, but it was really enjoyable too! 

After taking lots of photos at Esther's house, we moved to a park-like place. I carpooled with the main photographer and his wife; though it was my first time meeting both of them, we bonded really well and I got inspired to get more into photography!

The ceremony went by more quickly than I thought it would, and I think it's because I was rushing to get some good shots. I didn't take photos of the first kiss but I did get it on video!